Blousing Package Includes:

1 Pair of Ultimate Blousers

1 Tube of E-6000 Adhesive

1 Set of Velcro Press-On Tape


The Velcro Press-On Tape is enough to set up 1 pair of boots. 

The E-6000 tube has enough Adhesive to set up 2 pairs of boots.

Velcro Press-On Tape & E-6000 Adhesive are also sold separately as Accessories


The Ultimate Blouser is sewn and assembled at our home based business in California, USA.

Approximately 70% of the materials used are made, and purchased from Companies in the USA.

Approximately 25% of the materials used are imported from Taiwan, and purchased from a Company in the USA.

The remaining 5% are the injection-molded plastics, which are made in China, and purchased from a Company in the USA.

Flexible, Durable,

Light Weight Plastic

Shaped to Fit Your

Leg Comfortably

Adjustable Hook & Loop Fasteners

  Elastic Blousing



Elastic Retaining


Press-On Tape Applies to the dried E-6000 Adhesive Foundation in Your Inner Combat Boot


Set Blousing

Position to

the Boot Top




Set Blousing

Position Down

Over the Boot




Our Press-On Tape

and E-6000 Adhesive Combination Creates

the Ultimate Hold on

All Flexible, Porous Fabrics within Inner Combat Boots

E-6000 Adhesive & Velcro Press-On Tape

Once applied to the inner combat boot and dried, the adhesive works as a foundation for the sticky Velcro Press-On Tape to adhere to. It works great on combat boots made of leather or fabrics!

The E-6000 ( non-flammable ) Adhesive is rubber based and stays flexible. It's heat & water resistant, and it has an amazing hold. The 0.18oz tube of E-6000 Adhesive provided with each package of Ultimate Blouser can be used for 2 pairs of combat boots. To use the Ultimate Blouser with additional pairs of combat boots, you can purchase our accessory Press-On Tape & E-6000 Adhesive. With Press-On Tape attached to all of your combat boots, you can easily interchange your Ultimate Blousers with all of your boots.


The Ultimate Blouser 


Whether blousing at the boot top or down over the boot, there's no need for uncomfortable pressure on your legs. Ultimate Blouser is secured downward to the boot allowing you to fasten the blousing bands completely loose around your legs while in garrison, or you can fasten the bands snugly to keep the dirt and bugs out when in the field.


Furthermore, there's no need to continually re-blouse your trouser, because the elastic retaining straps allow your trousers to rise when kneeling, then elastically return back into position. The elastic retaining straps are secured to the inner boot with velcro, which allows adjustment of your blouser's height. You can set your blouser's height to blouse at the boot top, or down over the boot. Once set, they're ready to blouse in the same position every time.


With the boots off, simply hold the blousing band in your desired height on the boot, then velcro the straps to the inner boot. To use, place boots on and fully lace, lift the blouser up into position, and secure. Now, tuck trouser underneath, just as with other blousers. For optimal hold, tuck trouser fabric flat and smooth against blouser, not bunched up. To change blousing height, simply un-velcro the straps, re-position blousers, and re-velcro. Ultimate Blousers stay attached to the boots, always ready for quick and easy use. No more lost blousers!




Ultimate Blouser's Hook & Loop closure has up to 2 inches of adjustability around the leg, accommodating approximately 98% of our customers. If you need a Smaller or Larger fit, please contact us for a special order.